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Hi there! Nice to meet you. I am Ingmar Coenen, a Breda (NL) based interaction designer. I have one important drive: creating meaningful digital products with the best user experience possible. So that the things you make truly have a great impact on both the user and the client. To achieve such goals I practice multiple aspects of the creative journey, which are listed below and which I see as my fields of expertise. Naturally I included a small selection of my work as well. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me anytime.  



Digital Brand Strategy

To deliver great digital products, you need to start with your digital strategy. Personally, I always begin with the why question. Research the needs of your target audience. Try to develop great insights in what you would like to achieve as a brand. I really love this phase of the creative journey. To think about which platforms are best suited for your goals and come up with great creative concepts that enhance peoples lives.



User Centered Design

In order to make meaningful products I believe that you genuinely need to understand your user. Define your target audience: how do they behave, what do they want? I will always take their sides when creating a digital product. By understanding the human emotions, motivations, and beliefs that surround a task, a user interface can be designed to accommodate and support user behaviors in a way that users will experience as natural and satisfying. 



Wireframes & Prototypes

I admire the quote that is shown above. Constantly think about how you can improve yourself and your designs. One can only accomplish such things by putting early ideas on paper. Make wireframes and (paper) prototypes at high speed. Test it with users, over and over again. Why does a particular element work or why not? Creating the best human-product interaction and the ultimate user flow by testing is one of the most satisfying aspects of design to me.


Designing for interaction

The step is intertwined in every aspect along the way. I always strive to create products that ultimately inspire, seduce, excite and surprise. Constructing a usable experience is easy, simple and gets the job done. But in order to create the perfect interaction between human and technology, I strive to establish an engaging experience. It does all of the things listed above and instills a lasting impression on the user.

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I have only recently started my career as a digital designer. Before that, I studied Communication & Multimedia Design at the Academy for User Experience in Breda, where I developed strong interests in Media psychology and Interaction Design. In this study I attempted two minors: Interaction Strategy and Immersive Storytelling. These courses contributed to my ultimate goal: to become a great multidisciplinary Interaction Designer.

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